Frequently Asked  Questions

Rates & Appointments

Q:  What is Whistler Tattoo Company's rates?

A:  We charge by the piece. Our shop minimum is $100, which covers very small and simple tattoos.  For multiple session pieces, like sleeves or full backs, we will discuss an hourly rate.

Q:  Do you require a deposit to book an appointment and get a custom design?


A: Yes we do. We ask for either a $52.50 or $105 deposit that will be applied to the final cost of your tattoo.  We reserve the right to keep the deposit if there is a lot of alteration to the design or if you fail to show up for the appointment without 48 hours minimum notice. We also reserve the right to keep a $15 dollar admin fee to cover time and fees.
 If you are asking us to design a detailed piece that will take hours to draw, we may request a non-refundable drawing fee. 

Q:  Can I adjust my appointment? 


A: Of course you can. Please just give us as much notice as possible. Repeated adjustments with less than 48 hours notice may result in forfeiture of the deposit. 

Q:  Do you do groups, corporate events or shop buyouts?


A:  Yes we do. We can book small groups of up to six people getting the same or smaller tattoos. If you are looking to do a larger number we prefer to do a shop buy out as it means that we can focus on your group without distraction. Rates depend on what day(s) you would like and how many tattooers you require. We ask for an automatic 20% gratuity on top of the day rate for groups over 8 people.

Healing & Care

Q:  Will my tattoo hurt?

A: All tattoos hurt, but often the anticipation is worse.  I have heard tattoos likened to an electric cat scratch, and that sounds about right to me.  The longer the session, the more uncomfortable it can become. To reduce discomfort, we recommend that you arrive well-rested and well-fed.  Bringing snacks or a sugary drink can also help your body cope.  

Q:  What is Whistler Tattoo Company's recommendations for the aftercare of my new tattoo?


A: We use a medical grade second skin as a protective cover for the first few days of your healing. Your artist will discuss the specifics with you at the time of your appointment. Once the wrap is off, we recommend that the tattoo be washed with soap and scent-free cream-based moisturizer as needed. Some flaking should be expected.

Q:  This is Whistler and I have a lot of awesome stuff planned, is it a bad idea to get a tattoo before I get crazy? 


A: There are some activities that can be detrimental to the healing process. We do not recommend sunbathing, swimming or hot tubs with your new tattoo. Showering is fine so long as you do not soak or submerge your new tattoo (we approve of hygiene).  You will also want to avoid sweaty activities for the first few days while you have the wrap on, as sweat will get trapped.

Q:  When is it safe to shave or wax the tattooed area?

A: Please wait at least three weeks before doing any hair removal treatment over your new tattoo.

General Questions

Q:  Are you willing to tattoo anything on me?

A: No, we reserve the right to decline to do any tattoo for any reason, up to the tattooer's and the Whistler Tattoo Company's discretion.

Q:  I found a photo of someone else's tattoo on Pinterest that I love exactly as it is. Are you willing to copy it for me?


A: Like all art, it is great to take inspiration from others but we are not willing to copy our own or another tattooer's work directly. We are willing to work with you to create something custom that you will love as much or even more!

Q:  Do you do piercing? 

A: YES! Erin of Pokie Heart Piercing is in the studio often. Please contact us for availability.

Q:  Do you have Vegan ink?

A: Yes we do. We use Eternal ink which is certified vegan

Q:  I don't really want a permanent tattoo, do you do temporary or henna tattoos?


A: Sorry we do not offer temporary tattoos.

Q:  I have heard about tattooing as a form of therapy and have questions about this.

A: We would be so grateful for the opportunity to answer any of your questions about tattoo therapy. Obviously, this is a very personal area and therefore not a good fit for an FAQ page. We will be happy to discuss this in person or over the phone.

Q: Are you willing to tattoo me if I am under the age of 18?


A: This is a tricky one. We are under very special circumstances. A parent must be present and the final call is up to the tattooer. 



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