Jae Ward Lovelace

Jae has been Tattooing for 8 years and enjoys doing a number of styles, most notably, cartoons, black/grey work, trash, and custom lettering. Wanting to draw for Mad magazine as a young kid, he started getting tattooed and by the third one he knew this is what He wanted to do. Jae grew up in the small town of Diamond Creek, Victoria, Australia which is also where he and a friend opened there first studio together after learning the trade. After four years he decided it was time to see the world, so with machines in hand he traveled and tattooed across New Zealand and Canada and is soon to be a part of opening a new studio in the town of Kampot, Cambodia. When not Tattooing Jae enjoys the outdoors, photography and anything with two wheels.

We had the pleasure of hosting Jae for a guest spot in the summer of 2016 and it was an excellent experience. Jae is both humble and knowledgeable and both him and his work are on point. We would have him back to Whistler Tattoo Company without a second thought and wish him all the best with his adventures.  Be sure to check out and like his Facebook page.

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Unit 234 - 4370 Lorimer Rd

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