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Lara Purdon
Lara Purdon

Lara is an artist born and raised in a small Northern Ontario mining town surrounded by the vermillion river and dozens of acres of rough forest. There was little to do during her upbringing other than exploring and create. Her adventurous spirit encouraged her to discover and artistically capture her surroundings. Lara's nature paintings have been displayed in city galleries, offices and cruise ships.


Lara's love of travel, exploration, and nature brought her to Beautiful British Columbia where she enrolled at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.  Her studies there redirected her journey toward tattooing. Finding herself shortly after at Vampire Tattoo in Vancouver to begin her apprenticeship. She has since landed at Whistler Tattoo Company and is in the process of completing her apprenticeship under the owner and successful artist Kelsey Bareham.


Lara loves floral, botanical, ornate, realism, and neo-traditional styles. She aspires to be well versed in many styles and fine-tune her skills to be able to move on to creating large diverse pieces with elements of fantasy and realism.

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