Ryan Patrick

Ryan has always had a pencil and paper within reach. Drawing, painting and creating art are Ryan's greatest passions. As a child he could be found late in to the evening fast asleep at the kitchen table with pencil in hand, face down drooling on the paper. Growing up in the east coast, with small-town mentality and maybe a lack of confidence in his art had him chasing other dreams; like welding, working in action sports retail, and even chasing a career south of the border in aviation.


A desire to be creative stoked a fire in Ryan's heart, and he found himself apprenticing in a fast paced shop in Toronto, where he got his wings in the tattoo world.  Before long he was working full time and setting his sights on Whistler.



Ryan is personable, friendly and a great listener.  He will do his best to make your tattoo dream a reality.  Ryan enjoys working with colour leaning towards new school, old school and American Traditional styles, however, he is more than happy and capable in just about any style and wants to make your tattoo dreams a reality.   

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